Olette - Kingdom Hearts II




It had started off that a group of friends and myself were going to do a cosplay group of organization XIII, however when a few people dropped out we had to sadly abandon the idea. However when playing KH2 I had noticed Olette's outfit and liked the top especially - which i'm happy enough to wear out and about nowadays =P - so decided to work on this costume as a one off instead.

How it was made:
I dyed a white tank top orange along with some white socks.
Following this I made a cut-out pattern for the heart flower pattern which goes around the right-hand side of the top, and used fabric paint to carefully paint on the pattern and the white trim around the neckline and the top's straps. I also used the white fabric aint for the white ring around the top of the socks.
For the black layer on the top, I simply wore a black tank top underneath.
I bought some baggy lemon coloured linen 3/4 lengths, which were perfect for the costume.
I decided on a pair of white converse on which I coloured in the shoe's pattern. However I know I could make an improvement on said shoes, as the colour started wearing off by the end of the expo sadly (as it was not the right kind of paint), and will improve on this in the future! =3
Lastly for the final touches I bought blue beads and made the bracelet, and bought a large blue disc bead to make the necklace Olette wears. I simply curled my own hair and styled it slightly on the day, since my hair colour is relatively similar.

*[I found using the fabric paint difficult at some points, however it was much easier and clean-cut when I changed to a thinner brush, though it ofc took longer. I also found that I needed a number of layers of the fabric paint to stop the orange coming through, and therefore a couple of pots of the stuff!]


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