The Pied Piper of Hamelin (Zombie) - Twisted Faerytales





This is being made for a group photoshoot in the summer. It's supposed to be fairytales that Disney haven't got their hands on already, and by the time I came along, all the pretty princesses had been taken! I searched long and hard, and then remembered I'd always wanted to do a cross-play...

And I love rats, by the time this is done, I may even have my own pet one for added 'creepy' :P

I want to make a historically correct German Mediaeval particoloured costume, at least in design, if not in materials. I already have some gorgeous red leather that I'm going to use to make the hat.

I may have to ask advice on binding up the bits of me this costume does not require, and padding out the bits it does, though!

I'm also really looking forward to making something this complex and then trashing it... it's going to be all tattered and rat-eaten and gorgeous... and of course, teaching myself how to make realistic-looking dead rats!


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