Cosplayer: Hexi

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Odd-One-Out - 2nd March 2008
The colours of the fabric you bought are spot on :O

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HelloKitty - 12th March 2008

cant wait to see this!!, i'll have to get a piccy of you!

will you be in a group for this??

stripey_dani avatar

stripey_dani - 27th March 2008
Yaaaaaay I found you!
Cant wait to see this! Toadette is awesome ^^

Hexi avatar

Hexi - 28th March 2008
HelloKitty: No i wont be in a group but there are going to be other Mario cosplayers there

stripey_dani: I'm sorry, i dunno who you are but thank you!!

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caylithe - 8th April 2008
good luck with toadette ^^. I'll have to track you down for a photo.

I've been looking at CrystalNeko's Garnet, its gorgeous. I think for me that that cosplay is a long way off, I have no idea on dress making ><

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stripey_dani - 11th April 2008
Hehe Im fullmetal_dani from the Expo forums ^^

Progress is looking awesome so far!

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Neko-Chan - 11th April 2008
Zomg, you hat looks AWSOME!
i cant wait to see it all at MCM!

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 11th April 2008
Yes i agree! X3 But its fun cause when i look serious i call pull off Rin ^^
And love this cosplay so cute -hugs-

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Anime_Angel - 19th April 2008
Lol, well I am a guy and am cosplaying as Misa hopefully in May^_^

I like the process of your costume here^_^ apparantly the mushroom hat looks very promosing^_^

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CrystalNeko - 20th April 2008
Ahaha, your dog ate your pattern? XDD Silly dog xP
But wow that is a very detailed description!
And why have I not commented on this cosplay yet!? Silly me xP
Looking great! Can't wait to see the hair balls attached to the hat ^_^ And can't wait to see you in May Hexi-chan! ^__^ I shall have to steal your hat of doom! 8D

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stripey_dani - 20th April 2008
WOW that hat looks awesome! Well done you ^^

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Tofu - 4th May 2008
This is gonna be SO cute look forward to seeing pics of the whole thing, though I gotta ask is the hat heavy with all that gone into making it? It sounds like it'd weigh a ton! ;_;

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Anonymous - 4th May 2008
ooo wow i cant wait to see the costume in the flesh it looks so good! will have to take piccies

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HitachiinTwin01 - 9th May 2008
WOW!! your wearing that to expo?
VERY nice xD

Neko-Chan avatar

Neko-Chan - 9th May 2008
you finished it!!
The hat is so big ='3
it looks awsome!
*canat wait now to see it*
15 days to wait !

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BlusterSquall - 9th May 2008
Looks fantastic! The amount of effort you've put in really shows! That hat is epic!

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Anonymous - 18th May 2008
If theres a girl with cosplaying as Sailor Moon wanting to take your picture, its probably me :P

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Nocturnal Blossom - 21st May 2008

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HelloKitty - 21st May 2008

wow it looks soooo awsome!!!!!
it dosnt look like we can make it this w/end but i wish i could just to see this

*Excited Squee*
top job hon, its fab!!!!!!

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Neko-Chan - 21st May 2008
The new pictures of the finished outfit are SOOOO Cute!!!

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Komapsunida - 21st May 2008
You are actually adorable!!!

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Anonymous - 21st May 2008
eeeee you look so cute! i cant wait to see you! will have to take lots of piccies xxxxxxxx

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Tofu - 22nd May 2008
So adorable!! Is it weird to say it really suits you? ^-^ Cuteness!

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Anonymous - 24th May 2008
Yay, I got a picture XD
And its too cute :P I love your little toad <3

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 25th May 2008
Squee, your Toadette cosplay was sooo cute! It's great being able to see it in real life! =D

Monkey avatar

Monkey - 26th May 2008
Loved seeing your outfit! It was so good in real life and it was lovely to meet you properly! ^^ Thank you very much for the cupcake! It kept us going until lunch time as we had no breakfast! *glomp* I'll give you the picture of you that we took as soon as I've uploaded them ^^

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Sweeturk - 26th May 2008
OMG ur costume is awesome xO i saw u at the Expo but i had to meet someone so i didn't get to have a pic wid u =( but awesome costume =D

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Anonymous - 27th May 2008
oh dear! you're sooo cute!!! kawaaiiiii!!! *hugssssss* XDDD~!!

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Anime_Angel - 27th May 2008
Heya, do ya remember me, I was Akatsuki Naruto from the expo^_^ you really are an artist with the Toadette hat here^_^

Great to have met you in person^_^

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Anime_Angel - 27th May 2008
Yup, am not surprised, you did a great job on it^_^ you are sure to attract great attention in future expos aswell^_^

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... - 28th May 2008
Awwh I saw you at expo but didn't get a picture ><; Great costume ^^

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Anonymous - 28th May 2008


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Mtani - 29th May 2008
LOVE this cosplay! XD

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Anonymous - 12th June 2008
I saw you! A few times. I was tempted to take a pic but didn't wanna without asking and was too shy to ask. ^_^ I use toadette as my AI buddy in mario party games. :P

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Anonymous - 15th March 2009
wow! very niceeee