Ai - Princess Ai




This was my very first cosplay to a convention. mum drew on eye brows and i look GOD awful! i don't naturally have visal eye brows and i look like a man in this picture. It was actually worn to May Expo '06 but for some reason it doesn't come up on the list.

Anyways: This is from Princess Ai, a really good manga i like to read. It was my first cosplay so i got alot of help from my mum. aww. the most challenging part of this costume was the layers. it had lots of shapes so i had to do a good deal of pattern modification for this dress but it worked well. was meant to be shorted but mum wouldn't let me.

the best part about this cosplay is the wings. they're made out of a really stiff fabric and feathers. it was great!
it was really comfy apart from the shoulder straps being too long! ^_^

i would like to make this costume again. but not for a while.

Random Facts:
~ The tie took me one go to get right and i didn't even know what i was doing. it's just flat fabric.
~ the dress was meant to have 2 more layers but i didn't have time.
~ No, Ai's hair is not brown and pink... however i didn't have a wig. ^^


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