Kairi (Pink Dress) - Kingdom hearts 2




This is Kairi's pink dress cosplay from KH2. complete with belt and Keyblade. i just love this game and i made the cosplay before i completed it. >.<
The keyblade took be about 3 weeks of non-continuous weeks to complete and the dress and belt took me about 4 days all together.

The pouch on the belt is a real pouch which i kept all my money and small bits in.

the keyblade got alot of comments and praise. i am very proud out it and still keep it on my shelf.
It is made from an old wooden broom stick, this light weight fibre glass foam stuff for the handles, modelling clay, model magic and a whole ton of hot glue to hold it together. and acrylic paint of course! ^^

I chose kairi becuae i love the game and the dress looked pretty challenging. plus i wanted to make a keyblade and she had one at the short point so it worked out as a perfect character. the hardest part was getting the zips lined up, because i was useing a fairly loose weave fabric, it was heavy and even after it was completed the dress twists where the fabric shifted. the easiest part was the hood. it was easy to make and easy to attach.
it was a comfortable dress to wear but the weight of the belt kept pulling it down and as the dress was slightly too big already, even after alterations, it kept slipping down so i had to keep hoisting it back up again.

Random facts:
~ The three zips all work. i can literally take the dress apart
~ The keyblade only took me 2 days to complete time wise but i stretched it out as i had coursework! ^^
~ as i didn't have any old converse handy for this th "shoes" are actually painted socks. the only reason i have zebra shoes on in the convention photo is because it was outside and the socks weren't up to face concrete by this time! >w<
~ I was told my boobs were great by the guy at the cosplay desk XD


CrystalNeko posted on 29 March, 2008 - 18:11
Thank you for the comment ^o^, my friend made the keyblade though so I take no credit apart from maybe helping her paint it... and then getting bored and left her to it 8D;; And yay Kairi! ^o^ I think I recognize you... not sure ^_^; But great cosplay either way! ^o^ The keyblade is just fantastic! I love Kairi's keyblade ^_^ You've made it really purdy too 83

KamikazePenguin posted on 5 May, 2008 - 13:15
Great costume, looks really good. ^_^ I really love the keyblade, you did a really good job. =)

goodbyeworld posted on 31 January, 2009 - 20:07
Hey! I'm the other Kairi in that photo 8D Your Kairi was so awesome!! Especially the keyblade!