Corporal-Tan (Desert Camouflage) - Original Lolita Design





Righty well....

For my last college project each member of my Photography group got given a word picked out randomly from a hat, i ended up with the word forest! Finally something i could work with XD
After going through alot of ideas,i desided it would probably be like a fashion shoot sept i was going to quickly put together an Ume costume from Airgear since shes in Sleeping forest, but Unaspi mentioned Camo Lolitas...hell yes!
So! We sat down and designed Corporal-tan and Major-tan and got to work.
We were on a pretty tight schedule due to Unaspi having work, my silly college timetable and my silly college deadline -_- but we finished it just in time! -phew-

I love this costume <3 I'll most probably bring it along to Amecon08 to wear one evening or something, i'll probably have different boots,those are the boots that i'm changing into Misaki's boots XD so..they wont match soon, they make me look much taller though ^-^ it's wierd.



UnaSpi posted on 7 March, 2008 - 22:23
YEE-------------<(^_^)>----------AAAHH!! :3

Monkey posted on 18 March, 2008 - 16:07
Kawaii~! <3 So cuuute! ^^ I love Original Lolita Designs and the idea of Camo-Lolitas is a stroke of genius! Much love for the outfits! ^^

GraceyDarling posted on 29 April, 2008 - 17:25
ohh wow this is amazing x_x gorgeous design ^^

HotshotShan posted on 2 December, 2009 - 23:19
Such a cool idea! It looks gorgeous