Marik Ishtar (Yami) - yu-gi-oh




*A blonde wig which will be spiked up with spray and glue

*Purple material sewn to make the cape, with a chain attached to the front

*Simple sandy trousers with black belt, and black sleeveless top

*Millenium rod made out of:
-polystyrene ball
-wrapping paper tube (slitted to thin it)
-tissue paper and pva glue
-Gold spray paint

*Earrings, hand made with beads, then covered and sprayed gold

*Arm and neck pieces made from foam, velcro and then gold material sewn over the top

*Black eyeliner for markings and white eyeliner for the glowing eye on his forehead

*Winged Dragon of Ra card, borrowed off my friend.


MollyMon posted on 23 May, 2010 - 16:45