Snow Villiers - Final Fantasy XIII

In Progress




Ok So I Figured I'd go for a Character that I could easily go about looking like. I have my List of things I require for the costume. It's gonna mean cutting up expensive coats and buying terribly Camp scarves, but if anyone thinks they can help or give me some back up it would be nice. It's my dirty little secret from my house mates!

Duster Coat (Maybe Dye, Definately Scissors!)
Black Bandana
Blue Checked Scarf
Single studded white belt
Grey/Black Baggy trousers
Calf High Boots (Light Blue/White Leather Wrap around)
Black leather gloves.
Undershirt (Zip from both ends)
Brown Buckle Belt = Owned
Blonde Hair = Owned
Blue Eyes = Owned
Shitty Beard = Owned

It's gonna be an E-bay Job. But I hope I can do something decent with it. And should I cover my own Tattoo,.... Or just be a geekier Snow Villiers. Who knows.


Om_nom_nom posted on 10 April, 2013 - 20:35
Aaah! You're gonna look so cool as snow! Can't wait to see this!