Gin Ichimaru (Espada Version) - Bleach




In May last year I decided that for a one off I would cosplay Gin from Bleach because my Ace from One Piece cosplay was not ready so I helped my friends group out instead. The Espada robe was not made by me and bought from the internet due to it being a last minute thing. I used red eye contact lenses to make the cosplay that little bit different, My hair was sprayed white and I didnt need to use a wig for this cosplay. I used this cosplay for a photoshoot with my friend Alinthea later which I felt it was more improved.

The cosplay was quite nice when on but was a pain to put on.


ladywhitetiger posted on 29 January, 2010 - 00:14
Twin Giiiiiiiin 8D <3 You're an epic Gin, hope to see you cosplay him again sometime!

RuneKaiser posted on 29 January, 2010 - 13:23
Ahh if there is ever a demand for it I shall ;p.

Dark_Angel_15 posted on 30 January, 2010 - 18:52
Wow Nice Gin Cosplay, Please Check out mine on my page ^___^

Elyiel posted on 4 July, 2010 - 22:56
Omg! I never knew you were either! xDDDDD Your Gin is win. olothatrhymes.

RuneKaiser posted on 4 July, 2010 - 23:23
Why thank you :3. It's the last time I did Gin with effort put in lol. Will took the pics.