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Well, I figured I need to do this cosplay.
Hair = perfect.
Eyes = almost perfect.
Glasses? = Er, well, I'm going short sighted sooo.. I'm gunna need 'em T_T
British = YESH ;D
Eyebrows = Well they're more like Arthur's, but, YES! xD

SO YES! ;D I believe I'd make a.. sort-of perfect Igiko :3
For clothing, I have drawn out an outfit design for her :D it KIND-OF looks like the gakuen on, lol, but you know, it needs plaid! Plaid is good for punk, and Britishness! xP

I actually made up my own ver. b4 finding out there already was one, but I suit the well-known ver. of her if i need glasses, so yeah XP


paintedapples11 posted on 30 January, 2010 - 14:17
your cosplay is awesome a trillion times better them mine :D. i should really do cosplays that have my hair style to, so much easier :3. love all your cosplays ;D

paintedapples11 posted on 22 February, 2010 - 22:11
aww thank you :3 you were awesome at midlands ;D you wouldn't beleive how many people thought that was my really hair xD on the train back the train ticket woman asked how i did it? i answered a wig xD there some smexy glasses ;D

PandaaPaws posted on 24 February, 2010 - 18:34
Awesome costume! Also, thank you for the photo and the nice comments~ You look so cool XD <3

Ceci-marino posted on 18 May, 2010 - 07:53
This looks so awesome!

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Progress Journal

25th March 2010

Image Uploaded

The attached image is of the other top I will wear as a sort of casual top for igiko<3
The top for this outfit is in the images!
Oh and also, my Mum is gunna make me an appointment at the opticians for Monday, so yay~ should have glasses soon xP
I might get black rimmed ones, but Igiko usually has red, so idk >.<; it should be fine with black, ne?

x ChaRAWR x

25th March 2010


^_^ So I got a new top!
Will add a photo soon. And then there will hopefully be a few from the Yorcos meet on Sunday!
Hmm, I think maybe i should've got size 8 not 10... but it does fit so meh xP
I also have another awesome one which could be for another casual sort of outfit for Igiko! ^_^ It's seriously awesome. Might make a new cosplay page for that one :3

x ChaRAWR x

10th February 2010

I got the top~! 8D

Lol trust tesco to restock the day after I checked XD they had the top in the right order of size so it was obvious they had restocked last night/this morning. Hell the Women's section was soooo obvious. Yest they had almost nothing down one aisle. Now it's chock-a-block, lmao!
The top is a bit more pink and purple than I thought it would be, but.. it looks OK with the rest of the outfit XD and I could always change the socks, as I have some pink and black ones which i wanna wear, and I want a pink plaid skirt so yeah :P but it does look OK with the red. Tell me what you think!

I'll add images soon x3 there's one attached to this journal~!
NOW I JUST NEED GLASSES 8D i think for the meantime i will get some, cut the frames if needed, and take out the lenses. Although I will need some actual glasses soon xP
Also.. I want a union jack flag... but all in good time xD I just need the basics first~!

x ChaRAWR x

10th February 2010


Firstly; I couldn't find the top in Tesco today.

Secondly; I've found out now, after not spazzing about the top and actually studying it better, that it is for ages up to 14. The measurements of which r kinda small 4 me, a 16yr old going on 17 this year Dx

Thirdly; Must go back to Tesco tomorrow, and look in the girls section better than I did today. Today I looked in Women's more. However, I shall get cooking ingredients too, so that's ok by me xD

Fourthly; If it really isn't there in the shop, I will have to risk the size, and order it online. Because if it does fit, I really want it. It is just so epic and after drawing the design out today in my college sketchpad, I've seen it really fits the outfit.

Fifthly; I may add a belt to the outfit..

That is all for now.
BTW today I wore my hair like Igiko. Again. Lol so Igiko was actually looking for her clothes XD just with no glasses.*must get them soon, or atleast temp fake ones!*
x ChaRAWR x
P.S. Enjoy the random Igiko pic xD

9th February 2010


I found an AWESOME shirt xD
It's only £6 :O
Although if it isn't in store at Tesco( i wanna check tomorrow ) I will have to pay another £3 odd for delivery.
Plus I'm worried the size is wrong..
BUT IT LOOKS GREAT! More punk than the one i drew, and idk if it'll really suit the outfit, but~

2nd February 2010

Whoa, i uploaded the photos today..? XD

lmao, yeah, so check out the photos page xP
On the photos, i didn't wear my converse, still need the right shirt, and i wore my RealD glasses to look more like Igiko, tho i shall get actual glasses xP and if it does turn out i don't need 'em, i'll just buy some for like, £1, and cut the frame( if needed ) and take out the lenses XD

Also, i added my drawings of the outfit to the photos :3 and kept only 1 of the previous reference pics. NIKO AND IGIKO x3

x ChaRAWR x

1st February 2010

I bought the clips and socks~

And took photos of the outfit so far so i shall upload those.. at some point 'xD
Lol it's typical tho, the socks had a HOLE in them. It wasn't too big, and I cba going back to the shop, so i just sewed it up and it's fine now xP
I also got more black hair bobbles as my bobbles keep snapping so now if the rest snap, i have at least back-up for this cosplay :P
Socks: £4 at Claires
Clips: 49p at Bodycare
Bobbles( which i wont include in the total price for this cosplay XD ): 65p

I'm quite happy with how it looks so far. I was wearing my harajuku lovers top which is white in the photos, and the otufit looks good with that but i really want the union jack, as;
A) people will probably recognise me at Igiko more lol.
C) The outfit would look better with red on the shirt, not pink/magenta like my harajuku lovers t-shirt has 'XD

In new look ( or select, i can't remember which as they are right next to each other lol )i saw a poster with AMERICA'S FLAG, and then i saw a shirt saying PARIS on it :O BUT NO BRITISH THINGS!!! They did once, i swear, but.. D: i feel let down by them. How dare they have things to do with FRANCE and AMERICA?!
( honestly, i have nothing against you guys xD it's my Igiko/England side! )

x ChaRAWR x