Xerxes Break
Pandora Hearts

Cosplayer: KuroStylr

Variant: Episode 11 Coat and top hat with parasol

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

KitaCon 2010

26th March 2010: DONE! Ok so its finished and will post pics up after kita con of WIP and the completed thing!

15th March 2010: Update from my hat of dreams! UPDATE!
Have bought the fabric, cut said fabric out and am now trying to blindly attempt to work several darts in the front panels of the at the moment robe-like coat. As soon as they''re in place i can trim down and sweep back the lines from the front pieces to compensate for the look i'm after.
The back requires a little more attention since it needs to be bagged and saggy at the bottom and shaped up top. So in an effort to do so i'm employing Contour darts in the back centre to pull it in above the waist down the centre of the garment. In this vein it'll hopefully provide a nice bit of shape and pull it in where i need it to be.
Sleeves, buttons and various other pieces to follow as well as progress pics of darts, pleats etc etc

21st February 2010: Tipping the hat again...again Yeah i'm using this for the kita prom since there is a large number of us looking at doing pandora hearts.
I have fabric, i have time and all i need is a wig which i've found online. All i need is money to be able to buy the sucker and im gd to go!

Although if anyone has any tips on how to make (or knows of any good faqs) a top hat then i'd very much appreciate it!

27th January 2010: Tipping the hat again So after i too this down a couple of my friends started to watch the series and got a good feel for it. That said i didn't think i'd be reposting Xerxes because i'd lost interest but after rewatching a few and getting a bit of conversation with other people about it, I'm putting him back on the list. I've listed him for Auchi simply because it's far enough away so that i don't have to worry about it and work on it at my own leisure over the summer!

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 27th January 2010
Awesome! Pandora def needs more love XD
Looking forward to progress =D

Chibi avatar

Chibi - 21st February 2010
Yay Xerxes :D

Pity I can't do my Alice anymore D: will have to rewear with me one day lol

Good luck with it though, I'm sure it'll be awesome

agi avatar

agi - 29th March 2010
Absolutely gorgeous

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 29th March 2010
you looked fabulous my dear! <3