Roxas (Christmas Town) - Kingdom Hearts II


Thought Bubble 2009

No, but I entered it in the masquerade at Leeds xD I didn't win, but it was lots of fun - Queen Esther was sooo mean to meee >w>




Me and Xigalicious gave ourselves a one week challenge - create a cosplay for Leeds ThoughtBubble!! Stressfull... but masochistically fun xDDD!!

I wanted to create a christmas town version of Roxas for the winter, cause I think christmas town versions are soo cute >w< Plus, I adore my new wig xD

The top, jacket-top, hat and trousers are all made from a black velor. I learned the importance of fabric grain whilst making this costume >.>;; That was a stomach-clenching moment xD I put on the trousers to try them on; one side was black, the other grey!! Ahh my, I felt like such a n00b. Had to go out and buy more fabric >.>;;

I had bought some lovely white fur, but it molted like CRAZY so I ended up buying some Marabou Trim to use instead... which was pretty expencive, and still molted xD But not as bad as the fur, so I was happy (Y) Alas, I now have a meter of white fur and nothing to do with it >w>;;

I was going to sew gloves too, but then realised they were veeeery difficult o.o I ended up using my org-gloves. I am now determined to learn how to sew my own pair of gloves xD I also used my org-boots, and my sisters big brown belt. The hat doesn't actually stay on my head - it's held there by safty pins xD! The fluff on the end of the hat is wrapped around a bell, so it totally jingles ;w;<3

The make up is the thing that takes the longest here >.>;; All that eyeshadow Dx!! It's really annoying~ Especially seeing as how I was desperate to have pictures of this costume in the snow. It was on and off all before christmas, so I'd keep running upstairs to get changed. As soon as I'd finally finished the make up, it will have stopped and the snow would be part-melted xDD;;; Laaame~~

But then the UK White Christmas Miracle of '10 gave me a whole bunch of snowdays, so I was a very happy Roxie xD Me and Rachie had fun AkuRoku times in the snow!! And leeds was awesome fun x3


TallulahXx posted on 12 June, 2011 - 11:19
nice! you look totally kool in these photos.:D

SockFish posted on 12 June, 2011 - 16:56
Oooo i c wat u did thar ;DD Thanks!! xD♥♥