Final Fantasy 9

Cosplayer: Digi

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 26th January 2010
Omg I loved the moogles from 9! are you sharpening your knife, kupo?! XD

Zelda avatar

Zelda - 29th January 2010
Yay, i gotta have a piccy with you, i will be garnet/dagger ^^.

Quinzel avatar

Quinzel - 8th April 2011
This is so cute ^_^. Love it!

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 8th April 2011
This is so adorable! =3

Ino avatar

Ino - 9th April 2011
Yaaaaaaay Moogle :D Your friend did an amazing job!!! The head is amazing in partticular~

- avatar

- - 9th April 2011
This is sooo cute, i love moogles!!!

BabemRoze avatar

BabemRoze - 10th April 2011
Yay! Moogle! I have a picture of us on my Quistis :D! Glad I found you!! You were soft to hug =] x

Natsumi avatar

Natsumi - 7th August 2011
Cute!! The books looking good so far! :D :D ~I've yet to see this in person so will be awesome. Yay for FF9 cosplay. <3

Digi avatar

Digi - 7th August 2011
i decided in the end to get the big book thing from hobby craft then i cut it up a bit and glued it a bit etc :P

yami-no-neko avatar

yami-no-neko - 23rd August 2011
Thank you for the moogle mail. it was a much needed sugar injection. I can't believe how amazing your costume is. That takes some skill

Zirco avatar

Zirco - 25th August 2011
really nice costume. must have been boiling in there