Roxas (Pajamas) - Kingdom Hearts II


None - I doubt I'll be entering this for anything xD




I thought, seeing as how I'm making the other Roxas versions, I may as well go the whole hog and do his PJs too xD

They're veeeery comfy - I would easily be able to fall asleep in them, alas I have never attended a KH sleepover so I haven't had the excuse xD Also, these are the first items of clothing I ever sewn ;w;!!<3

I used some slightly modified 50p pajama pattens from the market in town - oyy I was n00bish though. They had a V-neck, Roxas's PJs have a round neck. I thought I could easily alter it~ But instead of getting a seperate piece of elastic-y material for the neckband, I just ironed on grey material with webbing xDDDD;;; *n00b* It means the neck isn't stretchy, but the bagginess of the t-shirt means I can still easily get it over my head. However it also means that the neck has a strange shape to it, and the fabric has odd lumps. Plz just ignore them >3>;; I WAS YOUNG AND FOOLISH Dx

ANOTHER learning experience with this cosplay was dye!! I couldn't find any T-shirt material in the right shade of grey, so being the OCD I am I decided to dye the white! I cut out all my t-shirt pieces lah-de-dah~ oops, no more white T-shirt material. After another trip to abakhan I was stocked back up, and cut out the shorts. Plonked the shorts, sleeves and stars in the dye... and was totally shocked when the t-shirt pieces came out darker than the shorts pieces xD;;; Alas, different fabrics dye differently... even different types of the same fabric...

Anyhoos, there wasn't too big of a difference so I was only upset for a while xD I drew the skull and crossbones by hand onto A4 printer paper, then traced the best half onto iron-on transfer paper, flipping it round so both sides were symmetrical. The eyes are X III... I couldn't make it out entirely from the tiny ref-pic, but it looks to be X III. I spent weeks trawling forums and screenshots and manga pages trying to get a better closeup of the shorts, to no avail xD X III fits though, so I'm stickin with it.

Oh, I also had a pair of blue slippers (primark, yay!!) which I sewed little fleece paopu's on. They're now Destiny Island slippers; my footwear of choice when wearing this costume!!<3


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