Roxas (Organization XIII) - Kingdom Hearts II


Midlands MCM Expo September 2008

Nope - it was commisioned ^^




After getting into the KH fandom, I fell inlove with Akuroku (my OTP xD)!! So obviously I was desperate to cosplay from it - having Rachie as my Axel just made me even more determined >w<

As I had 0 sewing skillz back in the day, I bought it off ebay~<3 It's very delicious - Black pleather, lined in satiny material, with accurate piping and giant zipper!! The only qualm I have is that it is very baggy at the waist, even though I gave the right measurements... I think it works for Roxie though; he's such a midgit that the big ol' organization coats would prolly swamp him xD

The wig I first got was Angela750 in 144 from cosworks. Lovely wig, bad colour >.< Seriously, that thing was GOLDFISH ORANGE. Oyy. Plus, styling a shoulderlength, wavey wig into short gravitiy-defying spikes was proberbly a bad first-wig choice... Kinda threw myself in the deep end there ¦D But I don't think I did too badly; plus it begun my loveaffair for wig styling ;o;<3 I now have a lovely new wig in LG26~A really perfect colour :3<3

The gloves are from NewLook (reduced from £25 to £5 in sale!) and are elbow length. The boots I got for my birthday, and were about £60 ^^ Jeans and T-shirt are just from my wardrobe.

This one's getting a little old now, so I doubt I'll be wearing it out much. However, as my first cosplay, it has a special place in my heart ;w; So I think it's still up for a couple more photoshoots yet xD!!


PapercutPerfect posted on 14 November, 2010 - 10:36
I love your wig! You're such an awesome Roxas!

SockFish posted on 14 November, 2010 - 12:49
:'D Thankyou so much!! Many a can of hairspray went into that thing orz;;