Naoto Shirogane (Summer Uniform) - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4



This particular version won't be worn to an actual event, but I'm organizing a Summer shoot and so this will be worn for that!

I cheated a lot with this costume - making it very inaccurate XD (I've taken care that the Winter Uniform will be accurate though!)

The shirt is an old school shirt (Age 11-12, wahey!).

Trousers were my old school trousers (which I also wore for my Summer Casual Naoto cosplay) but I took them in at the ends so that they were more fitted. And I hand stitched the white lines.
The chain is borrowed from Special-Pleb from her old Sora (Kindgom Hearts II) costume!

Hat is made from cotton, lightweight interfacing and buckram.
I ironed on the black interfacing to the cotton then cut out 5 triangular panels for the base. I then sewed a rectangular strip of fabric for the edge. I used buckram and cotton for the peak of the cap which was sewn on. Then I attached the button (which was covered in the same fabric) onto the top of the hat. Finally I sewed three shades of fabric together for the striped band.
I do have a buckle... It's on my old hat which I lost... Gotta find it sometime XD


Glasses are from Poundland and painted using acrylic paint.

The shoes are my old school shoes (which I have used a lot for previous cosplays!) and have suede hot glued onto the edges of it. I'd make them even more accurate by gluing on blue covers... But I was lazy XD;;

Summer shoot was a success! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to organize more big shoots in the future :D Although my costume got a bit muddy from the lying down photos oTL.

NatalieNoodles posted on 13 February, 2010 - 12:38
Is it a boy or girl? hehe love the design though, seems similar to Trauma Center

CrystalNeko posted on 13 February, 2010 - 12:48
That would be spoilers so I'm not saying :P Heeey you're right! : O

Lady Bahamut posted on 2 August, 2010 - 18:36
You looked great Naoto-kun! Teddie thought your hat was very comfortable and stylish! XD

26th July 2010

Most ghetto cosplay eveeeer

Waheeey, I can wear this out with some form of accuracy now!! Okay, so it's not accurate at all - but it'll be fixed up for when I do the Winter uniform I swear D'8 I took my old pair of school trousers (which I also used for Summer Casual version of Naoto~) and took them in so that they were slightly more fitted. Then I stitched up the ends and hand stitched the white lines down the trousers. It's quite funny actually, the trousers are too long for me in the first place (trousers never fit me right cause I'm so short oTL) so I actually had to fold them up just like Naoto 8'D I thought I had some grey fabric... But I can't find it - I think I threw it out... So my trousers are inaccurate D: I will have the chain for the shoot - I'm borrowing Special-Pleb's from her old Sora costume because I lost my own oTL. (I had one when I was a wee little kid, apparently I lost it years ago XD) Shirt is my old school shirt - age 11-12, woooo 8'D Time Taken: 1hr

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