Chrono Crusade

Cosplayer: Manga Girl

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Adziu avatar

Adziu - 1st March 2008
Woo Chrno! I'm reading the manga again at the moment, and I just love him. You did a good job!

Monkey avatar

Monkey - 16th March 2008
Yay! Much love for Chrno! *glomps* love the wig and the red coat! I think I remember seeing you about at Expo actually! *thinks* Anyways good job! And thanks for the comment on my Haruhi! ^^ <3

kakashi_is_cute avatar

kakashi_is_cute - 26th July 2008
yay another chrono cosplayer

Archer avatar

Archer - 1st October 2010
OMG!!!!!! I love chrono :D You did a great job :D Especailly with the wig

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 15th March 2013
this is a really well made cosplay, you pull of the awsome Chrono really well