Chrono - Chrono Crusade




I chose to make it because I am a massive fan of Chrono Crusade and my fav character is Chrono (<3 for Greg Ayres for his voice) also my friend Rachel (MrsChumphy) was cosplaying as Rosette so it was perfect timing!

The hardest part was the coat. It took a while to get the right angle to cut at the bottom also the top part was seperate from the coat, my friend helped measure it and I then sewed the rest eg. tidyed it up

The armbands were the easiest to make, though it was a tad tricky sewing the yellow lining at the end of them XD.

I loved wearing this costume as many people came up to me saying they loved Chrono and that I had done a great job, I even had one person say that I was one in a few who had the ponytail ^_^


Adziu posted on 1 March, 2008 - 02:29
Woo Chrno! I'm reading the manga again at the moment, and I just love him. You did a good job!

Monkey posted on 15 March, 2008 - 23:09
Yay! Much love for Chrno! *glomps* love the wig and the red coat! I think I remember seeing you about at Expo actually! *thinks* Anyways good job! And thanks for the comment on my Haruhi! ^^ <3

kakashi_is_cute posted on 26 July, 2008 - 21:53
yay another chrono cosplayer

Archer posted on 1 October, 2010 - 18:03
OMG!!!!!! I love chrono :D You did a great job :D Especailly with the wig

nanahara posted on 15 March, 2013 - 01:54
this is a really well made cosplay, you pull of the awsome Chrono really well