Anna Valarious (Impromptu closet costume) - Van Hellsing the movie



so i got home from work at about 5:15, and in between then and leaving for new years party at half 8 i threw this together... it was just a case of what i could glue together at the time to make something that would do..

so the only things i modded were the jacket, corset and boots.
(mike glued the bits on the boots for me in the day, thank you so much baby)

the under bust corset just had shit loads of crap glued to it and i sewed some gold cord to a red jacket i already had and hey presto,

this was done for the Bristol Cosplay new years clubnight 2009

TheEmoEmu posted on 19 June, 2010 - 10:55
Very good for something just flung together :)

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