Jill Valentine (the outfit) - Resident evil 3 (Resident evil: Apocalypse)




two months after the mansion incident, her investigation was ruined when Raccoon City was infected with the T-virus. During her escape, she witnessed the death of Alpha team's pilot, Brad Vickers, at the hands of the Nemesis, a Tyrant sent by Umbrella to assassinate the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members. Jill managed to thwart Nemesis temporarily and met with Carlos Oliveira, a surviving member of the U.B.C.S. along with Nicholai Ginovaef and Mikhail Victor. However, Mikhail gave his life protecting Jill and Carlos from Nemesis while Nicholai was presumed dead after an accident. Jill and Carlos ended up in a nearby clock tower after their cable car collided off-course. During the following battle with Nemesis, Jill was infected with the NE-T Virus and was taken to the clock tower's church by Carlos, where she lay there in a semi-coma. Two days later (on the night of October 1st), Jill recovered after being administered with a serum by Carlos, and continued her search for escape.

Soon afterward, she discovered another one of Umbrella's secret research facilities hidden behind a park. In this lab, she confronted Nicholai for the last time, and fought with Nemesis once again. Jill successfully destroyed Nemesis with a top-secret weapon that was transported to the facility a few days earlier and managed to escape from the city with Carlos in a helicopter piloted by Barry Burton. As they flew away, Jill witnessed the annihilation of Raccoon City on the order of the U.S. government. Jill and Barry would go on to become involved in various anti-Umbrella groups and activities until Umbrella's closure.

Items i used:
light blue boobtube cut to the hips
black mini skirt with a white edge at the bottom
black/Brown knee high boots
handmade shoulder holster
white shirt tied around the hips


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