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So I'm also attempting the 10th Doctor. Started when I recently received my cream Converse and I noticed I was wearing brown jeans at the time of first putting them on.
Then I threw together a quick semi-cosplay and took some photos to see what it looked like, and decided I wanted to attempt the whole thing for real.

Components of the cosplay:
(Things I am yet to make/get are marked with *)
- Brown pinstripe suit
- Blue suit
- Blue/white shirt
- Tie (Red, brown or dark blue)
- Cream Converse
- Red Converse
- Long brown coat* (Might attempt to make this)
- Sonic screwdriver
- Glasses
- Psychic paper*
- TARDIS key

(Might even dig out a black tux/suit and my black Converse one time)

Current wig used is the same wig I currently use for Jack Harkness, although I am getting a new one for Jack soon - this one may also get used for the Doctor.


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