Slave Leia - Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


2nd Place at ChimaeraCon 2010




This costume was a complete nightmare.

It cost about $85, US. currency, obviously.

You can find tons of progress pictures here--

My mother had said she’d pay me to make a Slave Leia costume. I thought she was joking. Turns out that she wasn’t. Josh kind of looks like a young Han Solo, so my mother really wanted us to cosplay the two of them. I told her about my concerns for price, and she told me not to worry about it. She funded this all.

With this costume, I was once again attempting something way out of the box. How could I make a clay bikini that was wearble and somewhat comfy? HA. I had a little bit of leway because I had a bigger budget, so I was able to buy quality materials and non-sale items.

I made a wire frame of the bra. It took a bit of adjusting here and there, and my hands were KILLING me, but I got it done, and it fit pretty well. I covered the wire form in a million pounds of sculpy, formed and smoothed it out and baked it in the oven. Once it was baked, I spray painted the whole thing gold. I then took the bra pads and glued the green fabric all around them. Carefully, I used fabric glue to glue the bra pads to the clay form. I strung leather cord about the back and the bra was done!

The skirt plates were made from sculpy as well. They had a cardboard base, the designs carved into the clay and were baked in the oven. They were spray painted gold when they were done. I made two rectangular panels for the skirt and glued the pieces of fabric to the skirt plates. The plates were attatched with elastic.”

The boots were the boots I used for my first Seung Mina boots. I spray painted them gold. Not correct design wise, but whatever. It worked.

Sadly, I only got to wear this cosplay twice, before it broke on me. I'd love to re-do it though, out of more stable materials.


animeaddict posted on 25 September, 2011 - 21:24
Metal bikini for the win! =D