Kyuubi (Demon fox) - Naruto




A full bodied fursuit work in progress of Naruto's nine tailed demon fox, the Kyuubi.

Costume will feature as many details as possible from the original design.
I chose to make it because I have been a huge fan of Naruto for a long time and do enjoy furry cosplay - and seeing as Kyuubi cosplayers are quite rare I jumped in on the chance. :D

Currently, I'm working on the head and paws of the costume. The head is possibly over halfway done, I'm assembling the patterns onto the fur to be sewn. The tails will be next, followed by the patterns for the bodysuit cut out. Hopefully, the costume will be completed before May in time for the London MCM expo event.


Black-Cat-1 posted on 30 April, 2008 - 16:23
Looks Cool =]