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I liked this costume, but if I'd had ANY idea how hard it was going to be I would have picked something else...

Made the base from an old primark bag and made a 'sock' to fit. Some clever pinning made the tip, and when that fell through I used a glue gun and some hand stitching. Had to ruffle the ribbon myself, an experience that, should I ever see a costume with hand ruffled ribbon again, I shall run for the hills from it.

Found a great business-suit fabric dirt cheap. Stitched a white collar to match the cape, which is attached at the front by velcro since the velcro to close the jacket is off centre. Added gold trim mostly due to creative license (the reference art has some kind of different fabric on the edges of her jacket but its too hard to tell what it is), and made two belts from the same fabric. The belt buckles are foam and cardboard painted with silver acrylic. Finally, the cape has two layers of lace, mostly because I didn't like how the first one looked and needed another one to spruce it up.

(pulls hair out) I bought ridiculously expensive satin for this, only to screw up and have to use cheaper purple lining. Discovered that elasticated waists are a LOT harder than they look. Tried to make it pleated, but that didn't really work either, so its sort of half hearted and scrunched, with a zip thats in the wrong way round. Had to buy a petticoat for it since my attempt failed.

Bought a pair off of ebay, but decided last minute I didn't like them and would try to make my own. The end result is messy but definitely more satisfactory. May or may not stitch lace on them at con depending on mood.

Maylene's should suffice.

Solaria posted on 9 February, 2010 - 14:00
Uoww id love to see this x3 Never seen Grimgrimoire cosplayers 8D And youre right her design is cute =]

14th April 2010


My god, this will be the first time since...ever, that I've made a costume that will NOT require work at the con. Jacket is done, hat is done, skirt is done - all systems are go. Only issue is the pantaloons. The ones I've bought aren't great, but don't really think I can make a pair without my roommates help (and she's disappeared T_T), so will do with what I've got.

12th April 2010


Cape is lined and ready for lacing, belt buckles are painted and drying, and thanks to my roommate the hat is ready for ribbonning. Tomorrow sees belts being finished, cape stitched on and hat completed.

10th April 2010

Seeing the Finish Line

Had to take the zip out due to length issues. Replaced with velcro which works better, and stitched up the two belts with buckles to be added. The gold trim is mostly creative license after looking at the reference art too often, but think it looks good. Also got the arms 'almost finished'. A few stitches are needed to seal them up and then they're done. Obviously the cape still needs to be made, the lining is working as a base for actually cutting it out. Also, petticoat and pantaloons arrived from ebay. Petticoat looks great, pantaloons...not so much. May have to make a pair regardless.

6th April 2010

Jacket taking shape

Stitched on the arms and the zip, so its starting to take shape. Think the collar is too high and need to put on the gauzy sleeve parts, but it definitely looks like a jacket now. Really too late in the day to be this far behind, but history says I do my best work under pressure.

1st March 2010


Lillets skirt is messed up - have to start from scratch. Dammit T_T

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