Fran - Final Fantasy XII


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Oh, Franny. OH.

This was quite a task for my SECOND COSPLAY EVAR.

This cosplay was a complete adventure, you have NO IDEA.

I undertook this cosplay after seeing another amazing Fran cosplayer, and I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. Ha ha ha. I did tons and tons and TONS of research on how to make armor, bunny ears, how to style wigs, etc, etc. Oh, it was a trip. And then there was the entire melding artbook references, screen caps from the game, and my imagination to come up with the patterning on the armor. I spent quite a bit of time on it, and by the end of it, I was seeing swirls and dots in my sleep. xD

So many people ask me how I did everything, so I'm going to give a long and DETAILED description on how, because I love helping people, and I want to pass on the knowledge that I've gained through making Fran.


As stressed in my other cosplay, Seung Mina, I can't sew at all, I can only hem at the moment, so learning to sew a leotard was pretty much out of the question. So what I did was I bought a cheap, black, long-sleeved leotard from a dance store, and used that. I cut it to the basic shape, then hemmed it here and there to fix it all up. The back is COMPLETELY wrong, but I plan on fixing it anyhow. The red on the sleeves was just some red ribbon that I sewed on with a simple stitch.


The ears are super, super, super-de-duper lightweight, and it's perfect because the wig itself is heavy too. The insides are made from plain old white posterboard-- the kind that you get at grocery stores for really cheap and use for school projects and whatnot. I cut out the ear shape (and then some, cause I tucked them into the helmet), actually about three or four of them and glued them together to make the stronger and stiffer.

I then made a 'sock' out of some cheap white fur that I got on sale and slipped it over the cardboard. The pink felt was hot glued on because I was lazy, and the black spots were colored with a plain old Black Sharpie pen.

I then glued them to the plastic head band that my helmet was eventually attached too.

The ears need some fixing too, because I didn't make the fur sock long enough to tuck all the way into the headband. ;_;


Okay, first off, I did not follow any patterns. People keep asking me where I got them, and I have to tell them that I just had to figure them out. It was basically trial and error. I'd map the armor out first on posterboard or something, but it can get hard for pieces like the helmet and chest piece.

ALL OF THE ARMOR IS MADE FROM CRAFT FOAM. Craft is GOD, I've decided. <3 <3 <3

I cut the shapes out and whatnot, and even doubled some of the pieces up to make it thicker. The designs were painted in 3-D fabric, or puffy paint. I tried to follow as much of the actual detailing that I could, but the pictures don't show a whole lot of it off, so a lot of it is my imagination. Ha ha ha.

It was then spray-painted black (start off with black craft foam-- it's much easier. Even so, I'd STILL paint it, just to be safe) and then sealed it with an acrylic gloss. Looking back, I'd seal it with something like Modge Podge, because mine wasn't stiff enough and would tend to crack a bit.

The chest piece has a zipper that runs up the back. All it does is just sit over the leotard, so the leotard can be wash. You can't wash craft foam. xD

The helmet was undoubtedly the hardest part, and I still hate it. I think I made five of them, finally got sick of it and just used this one. >.< It's totally wrong in shape, but hey, it works.


I got it really cheap on eBay. It's nice quality, but REALLY thin. For Fran, I would suggest getting the thickest wig that you possibly can. I wasn't able to style mine properly, and it's beginning to fall apart. =.=;; It's a pain.


Lol, this was interesting.

I wore hose, the really cheap kind, and then SUPERGLUED the armor to my legs through the hose. Sounds painful, yea. It kinda is, but after the first few steps, it's really not that bad. After walking around for a few hours, it loosens quite a bit, and at the end of the day, I just peel it away like a band-aid.

I would love a new way to secure them though, because this takes for ever to get on and off, and requires constant fixing when walking around-- my friend had to carry around my superglue with him. It was rather silly looking.

For the helmet, I took an elastic headband and glued it to the inside of the plastic head band, then I'd just pull the whole thing over my head. The wig would cover the spots where it showed, and VOILA! My eaers would stay on. xD


That's really this jist of Fran. If I didn't answer something you'd like to know, or wasn't clear about something, don't be afraid to message me with questions! I would BE MORE THAN HAPPY to help you along. :3

**UNFORTUNATELY, I have to re-make parts of Fran. At a recent con, an overzealous fan FULL ON GLOMPED ME AND CRUSHED MY ARMOR, WTF. I was really, really mad, you have no idea. So I have to re-make the chest piece and the leg armor where he foot got caught. =.=;; I was planning on re-making the armor anyhow, I just didn't want to do it so soon. **


PokethePixie posted on 15 January, 2010 - 12:54
Wow ur an amazing Fran :D love the ears! xxx

Thearah posted on 15 January, 2010 - 16:36
Thank you so much! :3