zabuza momochi

Cosplayer: zabuza89

Variant: the second version with a shirt...not my choice but meh

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

we got alot of random naruto merchandise and the best group cosplay award (Y)

13th February 2011: first costume this was my first costume because
he is one of the few characters in naruto who didnt go on and on and on about the same thing for 9 seasons.
i also relate to him...everyone says i am zabuza, in terms of personality =[

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Solaria - 14th January 2010
xD nice icon?
Zabusas looking pretty good tho =]

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Anonymous - 28th January 2010
i seen you at leeds XD
and you hugged me coz my friends were being mean (^.^)

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zabuza89 - 4th August 2010
thank you navigator and lol i remember you Nyu
forgive me for replaying almost a year on just i cant use this site at all :$

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Anonymous - 25th November 2010