Rain Mikamura - Mobile Fighter G Gundam


KitaCon 2010




I am making this cosplay from scratch. So far I have:

Gold Earrings £3.50 Claires
Dress Pink Material £2.25 Market
Jacket Blue Material £4.00 Market
Boots £5.61 eBay
White necklaces – fimo £1.60
Yellow Hair band - £4.50 eBay/Market (bought 2 as I found a better one after I got the first!)
Dress Pattern – habitthat.com £5.85
Black Belt - £1
Gun - £1
Brown Wig – eBay - £20.17
White Belt Pouch - Free (borrowed from boyfriends cosplay <3)

I am cosplaying Rain because quite simply she is an awesome character! Also, my boyfriend is cosplaying Domon Kasshu :) G Gundam is one of my absolute favourite anime.


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