Son Goku (Monkey Tail) - dragonball



I really wanted to get this done ;____;
Kid Goku is my favorite character out of all fandoms I've ever liked.

I've put it on hold as I'm on my final year at uni so wouldn't get so much time to work freely at it. Maybe something to tackle in summer 2011!

Anonymous posted on 7 February, 2010 - 17:58
OMG o3o i was planning to do this also!! o___o im just having problem with the hair lol

Make Orange Gi
make/buy blue wristbands
Make Monkey tail
buy kung-fu style shoes
Make blue obi belt

Total cost: £0.00

7th February 2010


Hoping to buy two wigs soon along with other material to start the hair for Goku and maybe a few extra cans of hairglue spray & cheap hair spray.^^" Sadly I won't get much time to work on it all in one go over the next 12 weeks cause of uni work. So will try and spare sometime every so often to get it done. Might add planned sketches for the wig later on.

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