Axel - Kingdom hearts 2


KitaCon 2010






Freyarule posted on 19 January, 2010 - 23:11
KYAAAAAAAAAH the chakrams are so coool!!!!! I WANT SOME ;A;

Zelda posted on 22 January, 2010 - 19:33
I can't wait ^^ i love Axel and i can't wait to see this at kitacon ^^.

neko_riddles posted on 28 March, 2010 - 16:08
shiny shiny chakram

picklesofdoom posted on 29 March, 2010 - 20:17
Shiney indeeeeed but very fragile as the last bit of it was a rush job and one of the spikes broke plus it needs a repaint lmao...painting in the dark is not recommended lol

ElegantAura posted on 29 March, 2010 - 22:39
You look so awesome as Axel, I wish i could've been there to see it at Kita :( You did a great job ^__^

FusionRose posted on 31 March, 2010 - 21:18
You look amazing hun =D

picklesofdoom posted on 1 April, 2010 - 00:02
Thanks guys :) Just wished I remembered to take some more photos lol. I will also be wearing Axel again for Expo so hopefully should be able to get some more then.

Progress Journal

27th January 2010


Basically. I'm not doing to much to this costume. Its the my "easy" costume of this year. I'm having the wig commissioned by the lovely DKid
The most work I'm doing is going into the chakrams which are unbelievably fun to make! :D

To make these I used:
6 newspapers for Skeletons. Rolled and taped into shape
More tape
More Newspaper shredded
Masking Tape
White craft card
oh and Scissors....

...then smooshed it all together into Chakram shape. It was basically a trial and error thing as I was going to use a foam method which I saw a tutorial for but it was to cold to go out on the day I decided to make these and I was too impatient to wait til the snow melted.

To get the shapes and to strengthen the skeletons, the small half-circles were made by twisting two pieces of rolled up newspaper together, taping and then attaching it to the main circle. The main circle was two folded newspaper halves taped together.
Once the skeletons were made I cut out shapes from the card which were scored down the middle then stuck to the base (*see attached picture!) The scored bit gives it the 3D effect that the Chakrams seem to have. Then join all the card shapes together with a load of masking tape. Once that was done, I attached the spikes which were made in a similar way to the card shapes. (scoring down the middle etc.) Making sure there were two of everything for each side of the chakram, giving it the 3D-ness.
Next was the papermache made with strips of newspaper and a flour + water paste. Not to liquid or too thick...just nice and gloopy...and messy. :D It drys much harder than pva mix and for some reason when i do the old Art Attack mixture my mache always goes flakey and bleruurg so tried out this method. Good ol' Nan for recommending it!! :D

3 layers later then its ready to paint...