Belleza (4th Admiral of the Valuan Armada (Concept Art wig)) - Skies of Arcadia




The jacket/bolero, cincher waistband and tulip-shaped leg guards are made by Raye's mum. So, the credit for them goes to her. Raye and I added the gold detailing on the cuffs and sleeves, and the circles on the leg guards.

Ok, WIG information.
The in-game model seems to have brown to red-brown hair, whereas the concept art picture is much redder. The wig I am probably going to use now seems to show different colouration on different cameras and looks different depending on the light. Nevertheless, if anyone says it's "wrong" look at the conceptual art of Belleza and then make the comparison as I desire to go more with the concept than the in game colour. The same goes for her belly dancer outfit. Her hair is redder in the in-game model there and in the concept art as well, but are, nevertheless, the same character.


Sephirayne posted on 18 January, 2010 - 17:06
OMG! Skies of Arcadia. I loved that game. Can't wait to see this.

agi posted on 18 January, 2010 - 17:08
Excellent choice, I loved her character :)

SlimDefinition posted on 20 January, 2010 - 16:38
I hope to make this SOON, but primarily as a casual costume for meets and smaller events considering she has no weapons (as mentioned in the description I wrote). I have a few things in my general attire that can be used for this, and just need to modify a few pieces of clothing to suit. Thank for for your comments.

FusionRose posted on 27 January, 2010 - 20:47
Great choice =D Can't wait to see this, good luck

leumas posted on 20 April, 2010 - 09:39
excellent I'de love to see this

Alyx posted on 14 June, 2010 - 20:47
Eeeeeeeeeeee!! Excellent!! FAVOURATE GAME EVER!!! I've just written all about how much this game means to me!! I'm working on Aika myself, made her boomerang today... well the base of it anyway! I really cant wait to see this!!! <3

SlimDefinition posted on 15 June, 2010 - 15:41
Nice one Alyx! NightmareWings is working on her Aika too. We're hoping to get Fina and Vyse for October too. Raye's mum should be helping me with making the jacket and the weird leg guard pieces. I hope to have Belleza ready for October. Fingers crossed!

Alyx posted on 15 June, 2010 - 17:01
Awesome, Well if you dont get it done in time, im planning to to Aika for next may, so i can make it perfect! So it would be awesome to have you as Belleza too!! <3

SlimDefinition posted on 15 June, 2010 - 18:33
I'm planning Claymore next May (planning!), but I might bring her along for photos if I can. :-) You know, for meets before expo and during (after the main hall closes etc). I should get her done. There's not a GREAT deal to do as she doesn't carry a weapon besides her ship! Heh.

Raye-chan posted on 17 June, 2010 - 20:23
Were going to have an awesome group i am cosplaying as Fina yay! Playing skies of arcadia as i type this on my mobile heh and yep my mum will help us both with our costumes :)

sjbonnar posted on 27 June, 2010 - 17:05
*might have to do Galcian or Drachma sometime...* ^_^' You're going to look amazing!

SlimDefinition posted on 27 June, 2010 - 19:53
Hehe, put them up as planned! When you do either of them I'll bring her out again. What am I saying? She's not even finished yet! XD! And Thanks. Stay tuned for progress!

AngelofSymphonia posted on 9 July, 2010 - 17:01
If I see you at expo you are getting a hug! ^.^ I love Skies of Arcadia~

SlimDefinition posted on 9 July, 2010 - 20:03
I don't know how good it'll be though. Nevertheless, please don't jump glomp me! Give me a warning first. ^_^'

Raye-chan posted on 27 July, 2010 - 19:28
Yay! Excellent progress ;)

No thanks posted on 15 August, 2010 - 18:52
Oh lawd <3 I'd wear that jacket every day xD <3

SlimDefinition posted on 16 August, 2010 - 16:32
It is good isn't it? Hurray for Raye's mum's dressmaking skills!

Exelia posted on 8 September, 2010 - 19:39
Looks so awesome! It's great to see more Skies of Arcadia love <3 Belleza's outfit is a beautiful design, can't wait to see this finished! Good luck~!!

SlimDefinition posted on 8 September, 2010 - 21:35
Thank you Taruto. Most of the credit is going to Raye's mum though. The tassels are done by me, and I'm going to try and get a little sewing experience by adding the gold details on the arms and cuffs.

Alyx posted on 12 September, 2010 - 15:19
Looking Ace!!!

SlimDefinition posted on 12 September, 2010 - 21:33
Thanks. Raye's mum is the business.

GuruLazer posted on 12 September, 2010 - 22:50
Your costume looks awesome so far! ^_^ I can't wait to see it finished!

SlimDefinition posted on 17 September, 2010 - 15:26
Thank's Guru. ;-) I'm looking forward to seeing your Ramirez.

Zelda posted on 17 September, 2010 - 18:20
this is looking so beautiful ^^

visiting_wizard posted on 18 September, 2010 - 15:25
This is looking good! :D

SlimDefinition posted on 19 September, 2010 - 19:47
^_^ Thanks. I'm just rather gutted I wasn't able to make all of it myself. Raye's mum has done an awesome job though, and she'll be getting a present for it.

FusionRose posted on 22 September, 2010 - 13:49
This looks incredible so far hun =D x.

SlimDefinition posted on 22 September, 2010 - 15:57
Glad you like it Fusion. ;-) Raye's mum has done an incredible job.

FuriePhoenix posted on 22 September, 2010 - 19:53
wow looking epic so far!

SlimDefinition posted on 23 September, 2010 - 20:29
Thank you Cez. Raye's mum has finished the cincher now. So when I can get there next I'll be picking it up, and then all that's left to do is add the detail on the arms above the cuffs and the gold circles on the leg guards. Then she's finished.

nanahara posted on 25 September, 2010 - 21:04
this is looking really, really good ^^

SlimDefinition posted on 25 September, 2010 - 21:14
Thank you Nanahara. I just wish I'd been able to make all of it myself. I am, however, very grateful to Raye's mum for helping me out with this.

NightmareWings posted on 3 October, 2010 - 18:48
This is amazing! I cant wait to walk around with you in this outfit!

SlimDefinition posted on 3 October, 2010 - 19:37
Heh. I'm looking forward to it too.

Dark_Angel_15 posted on 5 October, 2010 - 14:04
Thats a really good Cosplay did u make it?? I heard of this Game, never played it though

SlimDefinition posted on 5 October, 2010 - 14:15
No. Most of this was made by Raye's mum. I did the tassels, drew out the shapes for the cuffs and stuck them on as well as the circles on the leg guards. Raye cut the shapes out. I wish I could have made it all, but I have no sewing skills yet and NightmareWings wanted to do SoA for this October, so I had to get the main parts of it: bolero jacket, waist cincher and leg guards made. If you can get a hold of SoA, you'd probably love it. It's such an awesome game.

yami-no-neko posted on 5 October, 2010 - 14:55
Awesome is all i can say. I still don't understand why more dont cosplay from Skies. You have done a fantastic job. Make me want to finish my Vyse costume thats been in my wadrobe for two years. well done XD

SlimDefinition posted on 5 October, 2010 - 15:27
Thanks very much. ;-) Perhaps photos would be in order when you get him finished?

RebaSephiroth2 posted on 11 October, 2010 - 15:39
It's looking good Melissa and I'll see you at the expo. ^________^

SlimDefinition posted on 11 October, 2010 - 16:13
Thanks Reba. Be sure to come and say hi if you see me. ;-)

RebaSephiroth2 posted on 11 October, 2010 - 17:12
I will indeed. ^_^

FusionRose posted on 27 October, 2010 - 16:06
Well done Mel, you look amazing =D Really looking forward to seeing this at expo. x.

visiting_wizard posted on 31 October, 2010 - 20:17
Looks even more amazing in person! XD

RebaSephiroth2 posted on 2 November, 2010 - 19:25
It was great to seeing again at the expo and your Belleza was amazing. ^_^

SlimDefinition posted on 2 November, 2010 - 20:19
Thanks Wizard & Reba. ^_^ And sorry we didn't see each other Fusion. :-(

nanahara posted on 2 November, 2010 - 20:54
you looked awsome ^^

SlimDefinition posted on 2 November, 2010 - 21:41
Thanks. ^_^

Exelia posted on 3 November, 2010 - 14:08
Wow, this looks SO good!! ;_; Gutted I couldn't see it in person at Expo! Are you planning on rewearing it at any other cons? <3

SlimDefinition posted on 3 November, 2010 - 15:50
Thanks Taruto. I will re-wear it certainly. I loved wearing it. I don't know when and where though as I don't have a job and can't afford other cons as they're so expensive (including travel and hotels).

FairyPorchQueen posted on 3 November, 2010 - 21:02

SlimDefinition posted on 3 November, 2010 - 21:20
^_^ So did you!!

Solarista posted on 5 November, 2010 - 21:04
Another beautiful costume. Her look suits you also.

Shigeako posted on 2 February, 2011 - 13:32
very very cool! i am going to re-do my Aika cos this yeahr and have an awesome vyse too. will you wear it ever again?

SlimDefinition posted on 2 February, 2011 - 22:15
Thanks. ^_^ And yeah, I always intend to rewear costumes I have. I can't wear this costume in the summer though. It was toasty even in the winter, so I'd bake in the summer time. I couldn't say when I could do it again though. The latest I can do it is March before the warmer weather sets in. I have other cosplay plans this year as well though.

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

25th September 2010

We are getting there

The waist cincher has loops added by Raye&amp;#039;s mum in four places around it to hold the belts in place.

23rd September 2010

Almost finished

Just the detailing on the sleeves above the cuffs and the gold circles on the leg guards to do (and picking up the cincher from Raye's mum). Then she's pretty much finished.

27th July 2010

General Progress Update

Raye has informed me that her wonderful mum has almost finished making the jacket and is also working on the corset-style waistband.

Additionally, I started the tassels today and they're already half done.

28th January 2010

Halfway there already!

Well it seems I already have some of the necessary materials for this costume.
The peach coloured polo neck jumper is for when it's cold, and if it's warm I have a sleeveless polo neck sweater (though it's polyester).
I already had the black leggings and boots, and I've just bought the bolero jacket and that peach jumper off eBay.