Vexen (Lab-coat Style) - Kingdom hearts 2

Status :Complete
Worn At :None


Vexen angel

Dirty little secret

I don't think so...





This costume consists of:
- Vexen wig (used to be a MisaMisa wig... thanks to my sister's skill, it is no more!)
- Lab coat (this is a geniune real lab coat, that came from a geniune real lab!... it even says so on the back!)
- Lab gloves (ok, these are washing up gloves costing 45p from ikea. NOT geniune)
- Baggy white t-shirt
- Whatever else i happen to be wearing

I'm hoping to be making the following changes in the nearby future, though!
- Adding 'ice ice baby' and a snowflake to the T-shirt
- Making matching (fleece) trousers
- Wellies :D

It's a really easy, simple cosplay... but the wig requires a ton of hairspray adding to it every 10 seconds. Wind damage SUCKS!


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