Psycho Batty (OC) - Lordi





Made in 2005/2006 for Lordi gigs...

Copied from my account.
"I be the Lordi Psycho Batty!
~ the Monster-Rock band, of Finland: Lordi. (*ahem* they won Eurovision '06 *cough*)
~ Yes, they are Monsters, so, fans of the band become Monsters for the gigs too.
~ I started this costume begining of '06. Due to illness and hospitalization I didn't get time to complete the costume before Oxtober. To that gig, I only had the Top with logo, and scales down the back, I also had some bits on my skirt and face painted cloth on my face.
~ Since then, I have attached wings, a tail, chain, and others parts to the Skirt. I also made a mask, as the facepaint smuged everywhere by the time I got to the venue.

** I am a Bat, who one night, while hunting for food, got captured by Ox. While in his 'cage' I was torn apart by Kita. A kind lady, known as: Awa, lovingly sewed me back together, although not quite the way I was. Sadly, I am no longer that Bat, flying around the midnight skys, looking for food to feed my young. I am torn, battered, and unloved... did I forget to mention, I have to be kept chained so I can't halm others.. or most of all.... myself.

_ Top - was bought, turned inside out. Lordi logo, hand draw onto white cotton, cut out, coloured with marker pen, and attached with Fabric glue.
_ Skirt - made from ?? Velvet. Hand and machine stitched
_ Tail/Spin - made from Valure Velvet. Machine Stitched. Stuffed with Pillow stuffing. Scales, were made from insolation foam, then coloured with a red marker pen.
_ Wings - inside is some random cardboard. Covered with Valure Velvet.
_ Mask - bought a whole face white mask, cut to shape. Attached peices of red stretchy cotton material.

Chain - bought plastic garden chain sprayed with Games Workshop undercoat.
Random stitches are red wool. and other bits attached are random peices of material..."


Darkiekun posted on 24 January, 2010 - 22:28
Awesome :D Go Lordi! Shame you didn't finish it for the concert T_T