Ema Skye - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney




Been wanting to do a cosplay from Phoenix Wright for quite awhile now but couldn't decide on which character to do. Finally settled on Ema however as I think putting together her outfit shouldn't be too difficult (thanks to being able to borrow the wig and lab coat and being able to buy most of the other parts such as the shirt and socks).

Moving this to complete for now but will probably alter/improve this later, still a lot I want to complete properly on this and I plan to re-wear it eventually when I get around to doing that lol


HystericalDame posted on 12 December, 2008 - 03:28
Ema's hilarious, this'll be great to see!

AmethystEyes posted on 3 February, 2009 - 16:18
Ooo a wee Ema! :D Can't wait to see this, I'll be AJ version on the Friday so will look out for you!

gaming_goddess posted on 3 July, 2010 - 16:48
Love the silly ema face! You make a very cute Ema skye :) Would like to see some more complete photos though :P :D

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

21st February 2009

Piece by piece the case comes together...

...and by case I mean cosplay XD Slowly been sorting out some of the smaller bits and pieces for Ema, mainly her badges and glasses.
For the three 'smiley' badges I used cafepress.com to make them into actual badges. It meant waiting awhile to get them but it was cheap and they came out better than what I could have made myself by hand (since I don't have any badge making kits...even though I always wanted one as a child...*sigh*)

For the other badge that goes on her bag I felt like making it kind of 3D, so I just used craftfoam cut to shape stuck together with double-sided stickeytape...which was more difficult than planned since that badge has managed to be slightly different in every single reference I checked @.@ but either way I'm pleased how it came out! Just need to make a bag for it to go on next...

Finally, the glasses! For which I have to thank my mum for helping me as I was too much of a wimp to actually get the old lenses to pop out by myself D= (I got one out and then spent 3 days trying to do the second one to no avail...). I've remade the lenses with some transparent pink plastic cut from a folder I had...unfortunately I still havn't managed to draw out the perfect shape for it to fit properly (there's gaps at the sides) but I don't think it's too noticeable...and nothing a bit of fabritac can't fit to hold them in place XD;

4th February 2009

It may not be luminol...

...but Dylon Dye is still very usefull stuff! Picked up the fabric for Ema's skirt today, had my eye on it for awhile since it's the only thing I've come acorss that comes close to her skirt...I plan to make it a little closer though by dying it so the white is actually a light blue (if you hadn't already deducted as much from the image XD).

2nd February 2009

The power of science!

Or rather...the power of Primark. My memory finally kicked in and reminded me I still need to actually buy stuff to put this together, so today I raided Primark and managed to grab a shirt and some sunglasses!
The sunglasses will need modifying of course to be pink...although still not sure on how I'm going to do that, at the moment it's a toss-up between paint, glass paint or replacing the lenses with seethrough pink plastic...time shall tell.
Next up is her socks, shoes and ribbon I think. I've sorted ou the badges and have a wig and lab coat I can borrow for her (the one I'm wearing isn't for Ema...as much as I love that wig...with it being better than my own hair and all...*ahem* it's really my Hiiragi wig being used as a temp while I take test photos and show off my amazing £2 sunglasses XD)