Shinpachi Shimura - Gintama


AmeCon 2008




Despite having not done a lot done for this so far I somehow feel like it's almost sorted O.o

So far I've bought the material needed for making the top and luckilly have the wig sorted. I've also found some hakama and some tabi socks which I'll need to buy next, then after that all I need are some glasses and sandles and I should be done @.@

EDIT: after having some luck finding some £2 sandles in Primark, a pair of glasses in a pound shop, tabi socks and hakama arriving after being ordered off ebay, a (temporarily?) stolen wig and a day of hitachiin sewing my kimono top...feels like Shinpachi is now nearing completion @.@ It now also seems I'm the new owner of an old, nobbly, bashed up wooden sword now that I've finished Gin's (hitachiin's) new one lol... Anyway, all that seems to be left to do now is for the hakama to be dyed and the kimono top to be finished and it should all be done!

EDIT: Finally moved to complete of March 9th it's complete lol well, pretty much complete anyway, I'll probably need to buy some new sandles as after only one day of wearing them they got pretty shabby (but that's to be expected considering they were only £2) and maybe fixing the inner coller to the main top somehow as it kept moving about, but other than that, it's done!


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