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Getti posted on 6 January, 2010 - 21:34
You were an awesome Marly, and you always will be! Epic Marluxia is epic 8D Can't wait to Orgy-flail with you again!

picklesofdoom posted on 31 January, 2010 - 22:32
I remember ye from Expo!!!! :D (I was teh Maleficent!) Dawww, You were great as Marluxia *hugs* =^____^=

LaLa_LuLu posted on 1 July, 2010 - 16:45
The Scythe and Wig are Amazing, your simply marluxiaful, if you dont mind me asking, where did you get your wig?

OhMyGhibli posted on 1 July, 2010 - 18:54
ebay 8D

LaLa_LuLu posted on 1 July, 2010 - 19:07
TO EBAY!!! *Triumphant flamboyent run*

ProbablyHeather posted on 4 July, 2010 - 09:08
Srsly love your Marly <3333 The new styling on your wig looks spot on~! xxx

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2nd July 2010

Marluxia - EDIT

Ughhh after looking back at previous installments on my Marluxia cosplay.. Ive not been to impressed.. So I decided to edit the Wig.. personally I thought Id go shorter so the wig is easier to style since I wore it freestyle before and it did not look accurate. Now it is short I feel this is a thumbs up towards the cosplay.

Iam missing the Scythe however.. my birthday is coming up in a month or so sooo we&#039;ll see what Jack Skellington brings me ;D