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Amecon 2012




Japanese in design as I have a design plan for each of the 3 Kanto birds to be an Oriental country. Main costume body is going to be a kimono pattern that I will adapt slightly to (I feel) better suit Articuno - e.g the long, swinging sleeves of the furisode as being its wings.

Edit 25/07 - Have everything but final lining: buying tomorrow.
Edit 26/07 - Bought final lining: asking about techniques and dyeing fabrics tomorrow.
Edit 01/08 - Kimono and lining fabrics both dyed and ironed/pressed successfully: -> cutting and painting next.
Edit 05/08 - Fabric trimmed to where it needs to be and painting well underway.

Research bibliography

Collections (Far East/Japan) - V and A Museum, London.
Japanese Costume: History and Tradition - Alan Kennedy.
Kimono - Wikipedia.

Search terms (kana and kanji given since results vary in Japanese). If you do happen to use these for things, would you be so kind as to let me know please? :-).

Heian Era (平安時代・へいあんじだい) | Kimono (着物・きもの) | Furisode (振袖; 振りそで・ふりそで)
Junihitoe (十二単衣・じゅうにひとえ) | Kanzashi (簪; 髪挿・かんざし) | Nagajuban (長襦袢・ながじゅばん)
Geta (下駄・げた) | Nobori (幟・のぼり) | Kyudo (弓道・きゅうどう)


FairyPorchQueen posted on 6 January, 2010 - 17:00
one of my faves ^_^

Fizzykat posted on 5 October, 2010 - 11:27
this will be amazing.

k4tt posted on 1 August, 2012 - 19:51
This is gonna look awesome! ^__^

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Progress Journal

7th August 2012

Painting Day 2 of 2.

Progress goes here.

6th August 2012

Painting Day 1 of 2.

Progress goes here.

5th August 2012

Reserved Journal Entry #2

Painting underway and not a moment too soon! The current aim is to go with a motif or theme on the front and back of both the kimono sleeves and decorate the edges with similar: time permitting, I will perhaps throw in some decorative stitches - e.g. rows of wavy lines to represent water and so on.

26th July 2012

A Long Time Coming....

Just over 2 weeks to go and I finally (?) got everything I needed to make this: well the basics at any rate (not shown in this picture is the wig that I bought from CosCraft [Kate in Blue] and the Dylon fabric dyes that I'll be using).

Since I have no experience, I thought I could try and make up for lack of technical skill with colours :-P. Most of those threads and fabric paints you can see will likely not be used but bought them at the time as I thought they would fit in well in my design - I will put this in a later journal entry.

I have settled pretty much on Dylon's Ocean Blue hand dye for the outer fabric and China Blue for the kimono lining: Bahama Blue looked good at first but on a closer look, felt too green/turquoise-y for my liking. I suppose I could have tried looking for fabrics that were already pre-coloured to a suitable shade of blue but at least when I've looked, there wasn't any in *quite* the shades I was after, hence the dyeing.

Fabric: under the assorted threads and paints is a 2m pile of a wide Calico fabric. This will be used for the one or more flags-come-banners that I hope to have attached to my back: perhaps put some interfacing/buckram or similar to stiffen it a bit. Above it (almost shiny white) is a lining of largely a cotton sateen which will be used for the kimono lining. Below right is a larger pile of the same calico fabric which I will use as the main kimono fabric.

Barely visible to the left in blue is the mock-up I did of the pattern I'm using [Simplicity 4080].

I went with the calico fabric finally as when I took some small dyed samples to one of the couture-tutors at my local sewing shop, she remarked how well it took the dye and said that it would be indeed suitable as the main kimono fabric: good enough for me!

Apologies for darkness in the bottom of the picture - wanted to see what I had together in one place.