Kaoru Hitachiin (School Uniform) - Ouran High School Host Club




The regular school uniform ^-^
I bought the blazer in a sale at New Look when I was in Scotland~ It went from £30 to £12 83

The shirt and trousers were bought from ASDA, with the 10% discount I get, ~I don't remember how much they were >W<;

The wig was bought from eBay; me and my Hikaru bought our wigs separately, and when it arrived, hers was pink O-O So thats why her's is more orange than mine, cause she had to dye it.

The tie was the hardest DX It's so difficult to find a plain black tie without paying loads! But luckily, my aunt owns a charity shop, and got me one there, 50p 8D I just sewed some ribbon on.

The patch i also got from eBay, about a year ago, so it was just sitting there >>;

The shoes are my Hikaru's school shoes XD They're DocMartens so they gave me a bit of height, since I'm shorter than her.

This is definately my favourite costume; we got stopped every few steps for pictures! It was so much fun just running round as the twins 8D


Kannacchi posted on 5 January, 2010 - 21:59
This is amazing =D