Yuna (Summoner) - Final Fantasy X


Minamicon 18 (2012) Auchinawa 2010 Collectormania Glasgow 2007 AyaCon 2005

Best Female Costume, Aasoc (Edinburgh Anime Society) Mini-Con 2006


I'd made a couple of FFX-2 costumes, but Yuna's original outfit remained my favourite, and I already had the wig for it. I bought a new wig many years later for MinamiCon 2012 from Ayanamisatoru on Ebay which I'm much happier with. I started making the obi on a whim when I had the fabric spare, and finally got round to finishing it and starting the rest of the costume. I've touched it up and remade the skirt a couple of times, so it'll probably get to the stage where everything's been replaced at least once!

I spent a lot of time on the obi, constructing that bow and beading all the intricate detail (no, I didn't learn my lesson from my Garnet dress). The obi and its bow is yellow satin with craft foam inside. The bow loops on to the “belt” section and everything velcros together. I drew out all the designs in fabric pen, and then beaded around the edges. I didn’t have to bead everything since the bow and flower hides a lot, but it still took a looong time. The flower was an image I printed off and glued on to craft foam. I dyed the objime and obi lining at the same time as the sleeves so they match. The ornaments suspended from the flower are dowel rods, wooden beads and tassels all strung together and painted.

The sleeves were gradient dyed by wetting them, dunking the ends in dye and hanging them upside down. I tidied it up by painting on dye myself. It's not great, but it does the job. Originally I used lengths of white ribbon on the tops of the sleeve to thread the purple ribbon through, but I decided this wasn't especially neat, and later ended up using fray stop on the tops of the sleeves and just cutting slits in the sleeve itself. The purple ribbon has a few stitches to ensure it stays tied, and the beads on its ends had to the painted the right colours.

My first skirt was a navy one from ebay which I cut shorter, took into fit me, added the side slit, and painted. I then made a cotton drill one which was a more accurate colour and I'd had a shot at the correct pleating, but it wasn't that great. Finally, being a bit more confident in sewing I remade it nicely with overlocked edges and I got the strange mixture of box pleats and knife pleats correct. I think the pleats could be broader, but I do have the accurate number of pleats, so to make them any wider, I'd have to take some out. The flower pattern was then painted on, and it matches up when the pleats are both open or closed.

For the top, I began with a black bra, cut the straps off at the back but kept them attached at the front, converting them to a halterneck design which has a bit of elastic so it fits comfortably over my head. I then cut the back of the band off and replaced it with a length of elastic, plus the vertical bit. So the whole thing just pulls on and off and doesn't have any visible fastenings. With that done, I experimented with draping white fabric, pinning it all in place. When it looked about right, I then hand stitched it to the bra. That way it crosses over and stays in place. I first used the same cotton fabric as for the sleeves, but later replaced it with a polyester which drapes better, and this time I could overlock all the edges nicely and make it a bit neater.

On some wearings of this costume I've had a green contact lens (my eyes are naturally blue) as a fun addition. I tend to use Freshlook Colorblends lenses. I bought the necklace and pinkie ring, and just wear a random other ring for my middle finger plus two bracelets which I already own on my right hand. I don't really mind if these are accurate or not! The earring is the mobile phone strap, which is a bit small for accuracy, but much neater than anything I could make myself. I added a couple of lengths of beads I put together for her smaller earrings. They all attach to a small hoop earring so I can wear them. I initially wore ankle boots which I already had, but decide the higher boots I bought for my Star Trek uniform are better.

Relion posted on 22 May, 2008 - 01:59
I love your Yuna! The beading is beautiful!

SamanthaKaiba posted on 13 September, 2010 - 23:53
You look really cool and I love the new skirt nice work on it ^_^

Zelda posted on 24 November, 2010 - 21:46
Lovely yuna cosplay ^^!

TheEmoEmu posted on 25 November, 2010 - 21:22
You make a lovely Yuna! ^^

PapercutPerfect posted on 26 November, 2010 - 11:54
Beautiful Yuna ^_^

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