Tohru Kouno (Undecided) - Princess Princess




Pri Pri costumes! Girls dressed as boys dressed as girls!
This anime screamed 'COSPLAY' at me!

I have this planned with a friend so it's a group project. We hope to have a 3rd Princess in time for September.
We've found the wigs and we're deciding between costumes at the moment, so many pretty dresses to choose from!
I'm looking forward to wearing a dress for once ^^


perfectly_purple posted on 17 February, 2008 - 11:16
Oh wow! I love Princess Princess! That's gonna be amazing!!!!! So many pretty dresses to choose from! ^_^ How will you decide?? hehe

Dei Dei posted on 27 February, 2008 - 21:39
Eeee I know XD I can't wait to get started on this one!

Kietou posted on 10 March, 2008 - 18:13
This one right here is going to be a really coooool cosplay =] Can't wait to see :D

Anime_Angel posted on 12 July, 2008 - 16:52
Heya, are you coming to the Telford expo in this costume in September? if so then I'll know who to look for and then glomp you you you might get me first lol. are you coming to the Tokyopop event in August in Arndale center in Manchester? I'll be crossplaying as Misa if I can make it^^

Anime_Angel posted on 1 August, 2008 - 21:58
Hmmm, your not in Arndale next week, awwww, ahh well, I'll look ouy for you aswell at least in September^_^, I'll be getting a fast track ticket so I'll probobly already be in the expo when everyone else is queing^_^