Final Fantasy IX

Cosplayer: Angelphie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Relion avatar

Relion - 26th October 2007
I love your Dagger! Definately the best, and the white mage coat looks so comfy! xD

Mungojerrie avatar

Mungojerrie - 13th November 2007
Awww, the coat looks so snuggly! xD I love your Dagger costume!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 8th February 2009
wow that is an amazing costume...i was wondering how did you make the necklace or where did you get it from? it would be really helpful because i'm hoping to cosplay as dagger soon and it just wouldn't be her with out the necklace

Angelphie avatar

Angelphie - 8th February 2009
I made my necklace, Kresa, I've sent you a pm with more info