allent walker (CROWN CLOWN GODS BUFFOONERY) - D grayman

In Progress




so far bought a mass of material and have started to make the left hand omg its uber its suber and i havent been this excited about a costume in far too long!!!

righto hands left and right Finished the clown one being especially easy stuffed gloves ftw!! however holding anything is gonna be a b****
under top belts and trousers all located in a town scrimmage event!! went back and forth comparing prices must of thought i was a price comparrasion person or something cause all i got was smiles ^ ) no discount sadly found myself a tallish pair of boots that suit which make me some what taller and also somewhat more inclined to stand still

just gotta do the coat now the biggest bit ^^


stripey_dani posted on 17 March, 2008 - 00:26
Cant wait to see this! Go go go! :D