Kairi (KH1) - kingdom hearts


White Top- coloured the rim with a purple frabric pen
Black top- White ribbon sewen around edge
Shorts/Skirt- dyed from white to lylics
Bracelets- Found in a shop called Flip XD
Necklace- Bought off ebay
Sweatbands- bought of ebay and dyed
Shoes- Clogs, painted, with string and beads
Wig- From ebay (had to cut some parts myself though)

It was quite a stressful cosplay ^ ^' I was going to make the skirt myself and started making a pattern. Only for my sewing machine to be unable to work XD We sent the fabric to one of my mum's friends to make (2 days before the convention), when I found a white skirt with attached shorts in my sister's drawer!

It was quite an expensive first cosplay but worth it XD I got quite alot of attention on the day of the convention

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