Hareno Sakura (Naruto Manga 343-350 (non-ninja costume)) - Naruto Manga




I have just decided to make this costume. This is my first time so Im trying not to be too ambitous , and makeing something quiet simple. I wanted to be a naruto character since it is my favourit anime but i wanted to stand out a bit and do a less comman costume for a well known character. Then I found this costume from manga chapters 343-350 and i thought it was perfect as it was simple yet i couldnt find any pictures of people cosplaying it. it also looks quite comfortable to wear for long hours.Im gonna try and get my friend to dress up as naruto in his non-ninja costume as well.

Only problem in shoes. In one scene she is wearing her normal shippuden boots but in another scene she is wearing normal short ninja shoes like naruto and sai. im confused , which shoes should I wear?


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