The Spy (BLU version.) - Team Fortress 2




The BLU Spy is almost instantly recognisable... Unless he doesn't want to be. His snappy blue pinstripes and well-fitting blue balaclava cut him as a fine figure, and his repertoire of gadgets and weaponry make him a force to be reckoned with.

Yeah, I like the spy, and it was all kicked off by a blue balaclava I had knocking around. The rest of the costume wasn't too hard to find (though I bought a crappy suit with a terrible cut which turned out to be one for a woman, HURR).

I was recognised by a great many people whilst wearing the costume, so evidently I did something right. I even managed to 'assassinate' several RED team players, so that was fun. Drawbacks: I didn't have a correctly-shaped Spytron 3000, my revolver was too small, and I didn't have a knife. Clearly something to work on.


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