Jedi Knight/Sith Lord (i am going to go for more of the "rough" look like in force unleashed) - Star Wars


the most pain in the ass for 2010




Ok here is the problem people. i have a issue with 2 costumes i have planned the issue is that only one of them can be done. it is a battle between Onikage costume which i have got on my "costumes" tab and this one.

i had originally planned a jedi one but forgot and planned the Onikage. i do love both these characters one being that Onikage is an original and that the Jedi is something i can create for myself with my own input and choices. i do already own a FX Lightsaber >.> <.< >.> but i sis love the tenchu series and the Onikage persona.

What to do ppl.......What to do ><


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