Zexion - Kingdom Hearts II





Well, I wanted to do a cosplay from Kingdom Hearts, and Zexion was the easiest because a) I already have a long black coat, b) I have a black book, and c) I have a dark blue wig. Well, I know it isn't exactly the same as his hair, but it's close enough.
For the Lexicon I just found a black art book and glued white card onto it, and used tipex for the lettering.
I bought the coat ages ago, originally planning to make it into Maka's (Soul Eater) coat. The zip was taken off an old coat, and sewn on upside down so you can adjust the length at the bottom (I couldn't find a double zip).
I already had the wig from my Akito (Air Gear) cosplay, so I just re-styled it a bit.


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