Maka Alburn (Regular) - Soul Eater


Kitacon 2009


Jumper and shirt were bought. The skirt, coat and boot covers I made. I couldn't find my gloves for this quick little shoot ...oh well D:

The skirt was based off my favourite Jane Norman skirt but we added more pleats. The coat was made using my favourite jacket pattern (Simplicity 3628) and simply extended it the relevant number of inches. Also made it fan out a little more to have the rippling effect rather than a straight coat. Cuffs were white cotton drill with elastic to make then fit (they were originally bunny girl cuffs and a last minute addition). The buttons were home resin cast, spray painted silver and then used a permanent pen to draw the X's on, fixed down with super glue.

The boot covers were made with PVC, black and white, with white plastic hoops. They were a pain as it drove me round the bend figuring out how to stitch the white in so when I turned it through everything would sit where it's supposed to, right side up and not too tight. For the most part I succeeded but it's not something I'd like to go through again D:

The scythe is a work in progress. I did try and finish it for Kita but then realised it would be murder to transport on the train so stopped. The part with Soul's eyes on is made....but I need to take the pole off and re-attach it with some screws before that goes on. The blade is really heavy and I'm just worried about the pole snapping. My fault for making it out of wood I suppose.

The scythe is made from plywood and was cut for me from a template I made by a friend. The pole is spray painted silver while the blade was spray painted red then the black was hand painted on. The eye part (not seen) is gutter piping sprayed silver and cut with a notch so it will slide down over the top. The eyes were made from air dry clay and hand painted. All in all it's very heavy and I doubt it will ever make it to a con. Maybe an expo one day XD

Shame I didn't get any pics at Kita but it was nice to be able to finally get some shots, especially with the scythe, unfinished though it is.

Anonymous posted on 17 December, 2010 - 21:29
wow you make a great maka!

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