Simca the Swallow (Pre-Genesis) - Air Gear


Debuted by my friend Mils while I did Ringo, finally managed to get some shots of me in it :D

I didn't manage to get either boot covers or leg covers done D: And I didn't get to start the hat. But it served it's purpose.

I might go back to it and do the accessories at a later date. For now it was just fun to prance about XD

Dress made from white jersey cotton while the green was cotton drill left over from the Mad Hatter costume I made for Charlie for our Mikuru in Wonderland group. Had just enough green :D Was an excellent way to use up fabric.

The sailor collar was done using a custom pattern, double thickness with the ribbon detail only sewn on one side. Turned through at the back of the neck, hand stitched shut and held shut where the points meet by a hook and eye.

Wig is the same one I used for Luka :3

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