Roxas (Demon (Chains and links around his wrists)) - kingdom hearts





“Demons like Roxas and his brother should be give a chance at redemption”"

Riku said, staring into his mirror, however, for his dismay it didn’t show him who he wanted to find, it showed him something else.

A shadow right above the street lamp that was above them and with a gasp he looked up, finding two black eyes looking down at them with amusement.

“Took you long enough to find me” the shadow snorted. “I thought you could sense me, but I guess the rumors are true: angels in human form are in restraints”

“What are you doing here Sora” Riku demanded, glaring up at the Evertos that sat contently on top of the streetlamp, looking down at the two angels with amusement.

Riku growled, glaring up at the brunet demon as a tail flickered back and fourth, silhouetted against the bright moon behind him. Riku swallowed hard when he saw it, knowing that Sora wasn’t in the same restraints as he was, Evertos would never “degrade” themselves to something like a human after all.


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