Mew Mint (Superhero costume) - Tokyo Mew Mew


AmeCon 2006


This was the first piece of clothing I ever made from scratch, and although its basically a tube, I think it turned out good!
The hardest part was probably the hair, I bought a wig but I hate styling wigs, luckily my hair is dyed blue-black so I just put it up...but I also hate styling my own hair.
The easiest part was the wings and tail, I got my boyfriend to do it :) He is an artist, Im not!

I love Tokyo Mew Mew and I always do a sulky character because it fits my personality ;) so Mew Mint was great for me.

It was easy to wear too, but a little cold in the evening!

If I wore it again Id have to change the cuff sleeve things because they were far too tight and cut off the blood flow to my arm!

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