Haruhi Suzumiya (PS2 Game RPG) - Haruhi no Tomodoi


Tokonatsu 2008

First Place Toko Masquerade 08


Already into Haruhi Suzumiya when I saw a PS2 Haruhi cosplayer at the expo I was like...MUST MAKE :o And vowed to do her more impressive and lesser known outfits before resigning myself to her school uniform (which I am hand making muahaha)

Made with help from mum, learned lots of new technqiues and worked with lots of new fabrics for this one :D To this day I love it but I have to say I've done better Haruhi cosplays now.

Still, was brilliant to do the group with Mils and Steph in October <3

Kannacchi posted on 5 December, 2009 - 01:31
You look great ^^ I love this variant of Haruhi

street-angel posted on 5 December, 2009 - 01:55
Same :3

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